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Video does not have to be complicated. At align5 Films, we believe that telling your unique business story can be fun, collaborative, creative and streamlined with our authentic storytelling approach.

When video is done right, you can build a comprehensive library of business video assets over time, at your pace. The following represents a sample of our most requested videos:




Tick Pick


Gray Scalable

Products & Services


Customer Testimonials



Nixon Uniform Service & Medical Wear

Our Approach

We Believe that our unique approach to authentic business storytelling is more cost effective, much less stressful for your company, and yields far more impactful results than traditional video filming and production.

We can come onsite for a day and build out a comprehensive business video content strategy that lays out a roadmap for your company for the foreseeable future. Or, if you are not quite ready for our one day all includive approach, you can always engage with us on any of our individual business video offerings to get your story started. Don’t worry, if you don’t see the type of video you are looking for in our example videos above, I’ll bet you we can produce it for you.

A Simplified Approach to Business Storytelling

The following process helps us design a business video strategy for you, told by you:

  1. Gauge the Fit – Let’s talk. If we don’t think we can over deliver maximum value for you, we won’t move forward on the project.
  2. Identify Challenges and Opportunities – Video is a powerful tool that either helps solve problems or exploits opportunities. Let’s uncover them together.
  3. Capture the Content – No stiff or rigid scripts. Our production process is all about authenticity and revealing your story.
  4. Cut the Story Creatively – We’ll shape your story to attract customers and employees that are a perfect fit for your brand.

Let’s tell the story behind your company’s brand through the creative simplicity of authentic and engaging video.

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